31st January 2017

Beer and Cider


More will be added to this list!!

Brewery Beer %
Great Newsome Brewery Maillot Jaune 3.8
Old School Brewery Junior 3.6
Severn Brewing Ruby Porter 4.8
Kennet and Avon Bertie 4.8
North Cotswold Shagweaver 4.5
Slightly Foxed NZ PAle 4
Shakespeare Brewing Tempest 5.2
Great Newsome Brewery Pigs Ear 5.2%
Great Newsome Brewery Elderflower Power 4.6
Black Mill gold
Black Mill dead bob
twisted angel White Label #5 4.2
twisted angel New England #1 4.8
woldtop Marmelade Porter 5
woldtop Velo 4.2
Gene pool Rubus 3.9
Gene pool Ananas IPA 5.4
Atom Flux 5.5
Crafty Little Brewery Wolfbite
Crafty Little Brewery Perky Porter
Yorkshire Brewhouse Reet Amber ale 3.7
Yorkshire Brewhouse Ey Up Best Bitter 3.8
Yorkshire Brewhouse Yorkshire Pale Ale 3.5


Colemans Perry
Colemans Medium
Snails Bank Gin and Tonic Cider
Snails Bank Fruit Bat
Lilly’s Elderflower Cider
Lilly’s Fire Dancer
Gwent Dog Dancer
Cornish Orchard Blush
Lilly’s Merry Monkey